Simplifying IT!

3 Step Process

At Foramaxis, we have a simple process to provide you your unique “tailored” software solution.

Step 1

We meet with you to first assess your needs. It is out first analysis session with you at no cost. If you needs are simple, we might be able to suggest you a solution right there.

Step 2

We analyzed your needs very carefully with our team to come-up with a solution. We meet with you again at no cost to you to recommend the solution and the approach. We provide a detailed Project Plan to map-out the entire project and its execution.

If you are choosing our Cloud based solution, then we also provide you all the steps and explain the entire approach. Basically, with our Cloud solution, you do not have to do anything at all but answer few simple questions so that we can carefully calculate the usage matrix.

Step 3

Execution! Once you approve our plan and strategy, we execute the Project Plan. Your solution will be ready in the most effective manner. It is that simple.

SDLC Approach

SDLC stands for the System Development Lifecycle. We develop you solution based on the industry defined guidelines of the SDLC. This allows Foramaxis to ensure that the software is properly tailored your needs.